Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lemon Pie Followup

   I made blender lemon pie again with a small change to the recipe.  In order to soften the strong flavor of the lemon zest, I peeled one of the two lemons.  It worked fine so far as the flavor of the pie was concerned.  I ended up with a pie that you don't have to be a serious lemon fan to like (blender lemon pie light).  The bad news is that I had to increase the baking time by a half hour to get the pie to set up. I would never have guessed that the whizzed up lemon peel made such a contribution to the pie setting up so well.

   I had a lovely day off yesterday as we had a wonderful sunny day with the temperature reaching 60.  I pruned my plum tree and some of my grape vines, split and stacked some wood, and cleaned up some outdoor clutter. I took a nice walk with Rachel, Luna, and Lance to visit some of the neighborhood horses. There were lots of things I had planned to do, but they were all pre-empted by a lovely warm sunny day in January.

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