Thursday, June 3, 2010

Local goats working hard

    I'm trying to expand my goat pen to provide them with a little more pasture.  I've bought the fencing and I think I have enough of the metal posts.  As I was contemplating cutting a path through the blackberries I had the bright idea of letting the goats do the work for me.  All I have to do is drive in a metal post where it want to expand the fence and tie one of the goats the post.  Within a few days of work the goat has eaten back the blackberries to the point where I can drive in the next post.  So far it has worked fairly well.  The only glitch is that the goats have a tendency to get themselves tangled up after two or three hours.  Otherwise we're making good progress and the goats have taken to the work with great enthusiasm. In fact they complain very loudly if I don't stake them out in the morning.

   I can't think of another creature that is so ruled by its appetites as a goat is.  They live to eat and their stomachs are a bottomless pit.

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