Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Clump off the Old Dirt Clod

   It was so fun to wake up this morning to the sound of Lance and Luna playing upstairs.  Luna was laying on the couch watching the home and garden channel.  She told me that she liked shows like that because they gave her ideas for their garden.  Her favorite plants so far in their garden in Oregon are the blueberries and the mint.  She is looking forward to having fresh mint tea from their own garden, "Just like in the old days."  She has really inherited Rachel's love of gardening, a regular "Clump off the old dirt clod". The last time they visited our house Rachel collected a large amount of perennial starts for their new home in Hillsboro, Oregon.  She accumulated such a large collection of plants that when they left to drive home, plants were stuffed in every nook and cranny of her car and everyone in the car had plants on their lap. Small wonder that Luna loves to garden. However, Lance's birthday presents were a lesser priority and had to stay at grandma and grandpa's house until their next visit.

    Lance was trying to play Frontierville on the computer this morning, but was experiencing technical difficulties that couldn't be solved by the mere addition of new batteries. Its so nice to have them here, but a shame that I will be gone or very very busy for most of their visit.  Rachel came up to help us with the package bees.  I leave tomorrow morning to drive to Redding, California to pick up 500 three and four pound packages of honeybees.  Rachel is going to man the bee store in my absense and make sure things are ready here when we get back. She is going to handle the cash register while I'm involved with handling the bees.

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