Monday, May 7, 2012

Package Bees are Past, Phew!

   It was so nice to get up this morning and know I didn't have to spend the whole day down at the store doing something about package bees.  It has been a long two weeks of package bees, with an even longer two month run up to the event.  I am so looking forward to normal hours and an occasional day off.  I do have a few little package bee tasks ahead of me today, but we only have 7 packages still waiting in the store to be hived.  I have homes for 4 of them.  The remaining three will be hived in either my backyard or Quentin's backyard.  As of Saturday afternoon it looked like Quentin and I were going to be hiving about 35 or 40 packages today. Fortunately, Dave Pearson and Shannon Boling had some extra equipment and energy. They hived most of our extras for us on new frames in exchange for some of the extras.  Once again good friends come to the rescue.
   I was busy at church yesterday while my faithful minion was busily breaking the sabbath on my behalf, helping Dave hive all of those packages.  I tried to talk him out of it, but it was a clear ox in the mire issue to him. He didn't feel comfortable having Dave do all of our work for us. I was just more willing to let it all wait until Monday. When Quentin looks at things from livestock terms it is pretty hard to dissuade him. I suffered some serious guilt twinges throughout the day as a result.

    Today is supposed to be a lovely day, 74 degrees and sunny.  I'm looking forward to some quality time in the garden. I do have an early morning dental appointment and a few hours of bee chores to get  out of the way first. After the dentist I'm stopping by cash and carry to buy six  50 pound bags of sugar.  We have lots of hungry little mouths to feed over the next month or so.  It also will be a good excuse to check out their flour section and see if I can find the perfect biscuit flour on their shelves somewhere.  I'm looking for some kind of cake flour that I can mix half and half with all-purpose flour. "Biscuit Nirvana" could be right around the corner.

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