Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Shoveling Manure

   I spent the bulk of the afternoon yesterday shoveling aged horse manure onto my vegetable garden. I have a bee store friend, Mark Salser, who has a 400 acre horse farm. They have an air injected composting system so their horse manure is pretty well composted. I put some of their compost on my garden last year and it did very well. I put this load on the garden area next to the duck pen. I still need to get one more load for the front yard vegetable garden. I'm sure the manual labor was very good for me, but I was pretty tired at the end of the day.  I had intended to butcher our surplus rooster yesterday evening so I could make chicken and dumplings for the missionaries tonight. However, I was too tired to butcher the rooster when I got home.  The missionaries will get rotisserie chicken from Fred Myers instead and the rooster will live a few more days.

The pastures at Polestar Farm
   Polestar Farms is quite the operation. Mark's wife, Meika, competes internationally in jumping competitions.  They board horses, offer instruction, and host some cross country jumping events. My favorite parts of the farm were the old red barn, the vegetable gardens, Mark's shittake mushroom logs, and Mark's wood shop.

My favorite barn

Mark's shop

Shittake Mushroom Logs

One of Two Horse Barns at Polstar Farms


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