Sunday, August 25, 2013

A day at the Evergreen State Fair with Britton, Lucy, and John

    Linda and I picked up the Tunnell kids at about 11:00 am on Friday so their parents could get the moving van loaded up without little people under foot.  We took them to the Evergreen State Fair and stayed until about 6:00p.m.  We looked at lots of animals, rode some rides, watched some fun shows, and ate a considerable amount of fair food.  A good time was had by all.  I told Britton early on that we were going to leave after John's fourth fit.  He only threw two so we ended up going home when grandma got too pooped to continue walking around the fair. Linda suggested we leave before I had to carry her out to the car.
A Boy and his Tractor

Lucy and Britton petting an alpaca

     John had a great time riding a tractor just his size while his sisters tried their hand at grinding grain.  They all wanted to ride the carnival rides, but I think they enjoyed all of the free stuff more than the rides. We took them on an airplane ride, the merry go round, and a tea cup ride. Lucy and Britton both wanted to the teacup to spin as fast as possible.  However, when little brother started to get scared they quickly backed off the rpms to a level John found more comfortable.  I think they also may have saved themselves the inconvenience of having grandpa toss his cookies in their direction. When I take kids to the fair I generally don't do carnival rides, but I was over ruled by Grandma.
Lucy riding the merry go round

John enjoying his  ride on a big cat

Some very sheepish grandkids

     The Tunnell kids gave a good account of themselves when it came to fair food.  I suggested they share a purple cow (a float made from 7-Up and blackberry ice cream) but Britton and Lucy both assured me they could handle one by themselves. They were both true to their word on the purple cows and each also ate a large corn dog.  They also made a good dent in a large helping of curly fries and helped Linda polish off  her "Strawberry Supreme Funnel Cake"

      We watched a magic show put on by "Steve the Pretty Good" and listened to a country band called "The Fentons".  The kids were very impressed by Steve the Pretty Good but thought the country band was a bit too loud.  They enjoyed looking at the animals. to include chickens, rabbits, sheep, goats, dogs, and cows. I think they liked the dogs best and particularly enjoyed watching some very smart dogs negotiate an obstacle course.

Ride 'em Cowgirl Lucy!

Britton just about has this straw bale tamed


  1. Britton and the straw bale are fantastic. Love the expression!

  2. Your account sounds very much like the kids. They were very proud of being able to polish off an entire purple cow, although I have had dear hopes that they wouldn't inherit their parents' sweet tooths. And John told me he had to leave the tractor at the fair. He seemed a bit sad about it.