Monday, September 2, 2013

Breakfast with the Veatch Kids

     When we asked what the Veatch kids wanted for breakfast on Saturday morning, Natalie requested biscuits. Connor decided he wanted to help Grandma make them. I think it is a wonderful thing for kids to learn how to cook, even when they may be a bit too young. It builds their self confidence and gives them a sense of self-reliance. Who knows what it may inspire them to learn to do in the future.  I'm sure the good feelings Connor experienced helping Grandma make biscuits will make him more inclined to want to learn to cook. Linda acted a little offended when I took this picture, like I was trying to document some extraordinary event.  She pointed out that she has known how to make biscuits for a very long time. Linda does make good biscuits, but I really just wanted to capture a photo of Connor helping Grandma. While I am usually the person making biscuits these days it was fun to have someone else make the biscuits.

Connor learning to make biscuits
     Later in the day we went to Hill Park with the kids.  It was a little bit of a challenge keeping Connor out of the water.  For some reason  if his hand goes in the water his feet have to be in the water too. He enjoyed hanging out on the fishing dock and watching the ducks, all of which he called "baby ducks". I asked Connor to smile for the camera and he immediately went into "show off for the camera" mode.
I just asked him to smile for me
    I'm not a big cake fan as a general rule.  Given a choice, I will take a pie over a cake every time.  However, I was very impressed with these cakes I saw at the Evergreen State Fair. I can't even imagine how long it took to decorate these cakes. Each scale on each of the three dragons was made individually, then put in place.  I was particularly impressed with the last cake,  the cowgirl snuggled up with her cow for a nap. I would never even have guessed that was a cake if it hadn't been labeled as such. The red stuff by the cow's head is a blanket. The cowgirl has braided hair with a ribbon in it. The whole thing is done on a bed of shredded wheat with for the straw. The same lady made both the dragons and the cowgirl cake.

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