Friday, October 4, 2013

Cats and Heights

    What is it with cats and heights? Our cat, Little Miss Buzz Saw, loves to climb trees and ladders. She occasionally gets into spots where she requires a little assistance.  However, she routinely goes up and down my 14 foot orchard ladder. I suspect birdwatching is her primary motivation.

The cat climbed this particular tree in order to have a better view of a chicken plucking

I'm assuming she climbed the ladder just for the wonderful view.

I'm not sure why the cat chose to climb out onto this skinny little limb.

She loves the ladder even more when I use it to refill the bird feeder.

I had no idea that cloths pins were so fascinating.

One of Miss Buzz Saw's kittens was similarly attracted to heights.


  1. They're so cute! We should show Matt these pictures....although it might just make him sad.