Friday, April 18, 2014

We Have Ducklings!

    While I was driving back from California with the package bees our little ducklings hatched out. Unfortunately, Jean Luc Canard did not seem to have much father instinct and kept trying to chase the little ducklings out of the duck pen. Consequently we lost about half of them. I'm not sure exactly how many she hatched out, about ten or eleven.  Right now we only have five ducklings left. We had to banish the drake to the chicken pen. I'm thinking he will have to stay there for some time. I think we also need to change his name. Jean Luc Canard is way too noble of a name for a low down duckling killer. Maybe we'll call him Simon LeGree Canard or Snidely Whiplash Canard. Michael Veatch suggested we call him "The Grim Quacker."

Mon Cherie Canard with her new ducklings

     Our cat, Little Miss Buzz Saw, has a propensity for exploring strange places.  The other day I was emptying the dishwasher. After I finished the bottom tray and started on the upper tray, the cat decided to check out the dishwasher.  It reminded me of an old far side cartoon where the dog was writing "KAT FUD" on the door of the washing machine. Honestly, I didn't entice her into the dishwasher. She does crazy stuff like this all the time.

Miss Buzz Saw checking out the dishwasher


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