Friday, May 23, 2014

Snohomish Ward Talent Show 2014

   We held our annual Snohomish Ward Talent Show a week or so back.  It was a lot of fun, as usual.  We have a ward member who sells ice cream machines. He always brings one of his machines to make soft serve ice cream for root beer floats. Ward members are invited to display musical talents, artwork, and homemade baked goods. This year's edible contributions included home made toffee, cheesecake, and my rhubarb pie ( made with a hazelnut crumble crust).

    I played Ashoken Farewell on my fiddle as a musical talent.  Benjamin Goodwin had committed to play backup for me on the guitar.  That commitment went out the window when some cute girl with long red hair asked him to take her to her senior prom. I don't blame Benjamin at all. If I had been in his circumstances I think I would have ditched me too. Fortunately, I was able to find a replacement guitar player. Keith Huntsman filled in on very short notice and did a very fine job.  The best part was that Keith seemed interested in playing together on a regular basis. I found a few other brethren who also seemed interested in attending a folk/celtic/old timey music jam session. Rob Morrill did a wonderful job playing Somewhere Over the Rainbow on the harmonica. Trey Clasen plays bass. Maybe this will keep me out of trouble while Linda is doing all of her traveling this summer.

   My violin student, Nicolai Smith, played Joy to the World. He did a very fine job. Most importantly, he played in tune, the most difficult part of learning the violin. He made me proud.  There were a number of other kids who played or sang.  Young Kayli Kersavage did a wonderful gymnastic performance.  I think my back was a bit sore just from watching her perform.  Tymon John usually posts all of the various performances on You Tube.  I tried unsuccessfully to set up a link. You can find it easily by just doing a search on You Tuber for Snohomish Ward Talent Show 2014.

    Linda has been asking me about her flowers so I thought I would post a photo or two of a floral nature.
There was supposed to be a bumblebee in this photo but she ducked into a flower

The rhododendron is covered with bumble bees

Peony blooms are unable to open without the assistance of ants

Our rhododendron in bloom is spectacular

The iris are also in bloom

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