Friday, September 12, 2014

Salmon Fishing with Friends

    I went salmon fishing in the sound this past Wednesday.  I was invited by some good bee store friends, Jim and Dorothy Dushane.  The day started out somewhat gray but was beautiful and sunny by mid morning.  The silvers haven't yet arrived in Puget Sound in full force.  We managed to catch only one by 11 am.   However, the best part of the day was the company.  I enjoyed getting to know my friends better, how they met, etc. I was especially pleased to learn that Jim had retired from the Seattle Police Department.  Up to this point in our friendship we had mostly discussed honey bees.  Our previous careers somehow hadn't made it into the conversation.  Even though the fish weren't biting I had a lovely morning listening to Jim's war stories.

Jim and Dorothy Dushane

     The highlight of the trip wasn't the one salmon we caught but rather the ritual of cleaning that one fish at the marina.  There are five harbor seals that are full time residents of the marina in Everett. When the salmon are in the sound the seals greet the returning boats and line up at the cleaning station for their share of the catch.  I felt for a few minutes like I was at Sea World as the seals stood at attention in front of the cleaning station, barking at Jim to hurry him along.

Not in the least shy seals wait to be fed

This seal was swimming so close to the dock such that it was hard to get a photo.

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