Monday, November 3, 2014

Enjoying the Evergreen State Fair with Grandkids

    This past August I spent a fun Saturday afternoon at the Evergreen State Fair with the Veatch family. So many things at the fair are just a lot more fun when shared with grandkids.  The Veatch family seems to prefer starting their fair experience with the rides, my least favorite part of the fair.  However, it was fun watching the interaction between grand children as they attempted to persuade one another to go on one ride or another. Some are clearly more adventurous while others are of a more cautious nature. Its always more fun to go an a ride with someone, but the kids' preferences in rides varied wildly. Madelynn is a serious thrill seeker who is game for about any of the scarier rides. Abby wanted very much to ride the ferris wheel while Madelynn was uninterested in such a tame ride. There were serious negotiations taking place. I finally broke down and paid to ride the ferris wheel with Abby so she would have some company on the ride. I think that is the first time I have ever been on one of the rides at the Evergreen State Fair in the ten years or more I've been attending the fair.

Grand daughter Abby  enjoying the Ferris Wheel

Grand daughter Madelynn waiting patiently below

     I watched Conner and Natalie go on a few of the kiddie rides as we enjoyed some fair scones with raspberry jam. Other than the scones, I didn't indulge in the other fair food offerings.  I'd had about six recent visits to the fair to get most of my desire for fair food out of my system.
Grandson Conner on the Carousel 

    We took a brief trip through the beef cattle barn and saw an absolutely huge Hereferd bull. I've always thought Hereferds are the prettiest breed of beef cattle. My good friend Quentin has a strong preference for Angus cattle over Hereferds as he found them to be much hardier in Wyoming's rather harsh climate. I would guess Hereferds are better adapted to milder climates than Wyoming.  A bit earlier I had passed by the bull as his owner was sitting there caressing the bull's head and scratching behind his ears. He seemed to be a pretty gentle beast for being so large. On the other hand I noticed that he still had a ring in his nose.

    The kids particularly enjoyed the rabbit barn and watching the dogs go through an obstacle course. I think 4H is a wonderful program. I wish more of my grand kids were able to participate in it. Ultimately we found ourselves watching the Aztec Indian dancers. who put on quite a show. When they reached the "audience participation" portion of their show it was no surprise that several of the adventurous Veatches were willing participants. However, I was surprised that Conner so willingly accepted the invitation from the big scary Aztec dancer and walked out into the dance area holding his hand.
Conner on the dance floor

Mike and Tina getting in touch with their inner Aztecs

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