Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Visiting Grand Children

   We've been pretty busy grandparents the past few weekends.  Several weekends back we traveled to Ellensburg to attend a production of Fiddler on the Roof with my son James and his sweet family.  We left for Ellensburg right after I closed the store on Saturday afternoon.  That two hour drive to visit the Tunnells will soon be increased to about five hours after they complete their move to Pullman. It was hard for us when they moved from Monroe to Ellensburg and went from 15 minutes away to 2 hours away.  Now we have to get used to a greater distance from loved ones.

     Fiddler on the Roof is one of my favorite musicals and this particular production was very well done.  They had brought in a professional Tevia who was marvelous.  Our grand children were very well behaved and attentive throughout the performance.  Even little Nora managed to at least make it through to the intermission.  The only serious fly in the ointment was the late night drive home to Snohomish after the performance.  Fortunately, with my recent release from the Bishopric, I no longer have an early morning meeting on Sunday.

   The following weekend we traveled to Oregon to watch our grand daughter Chloe perform in a Shakespear comedy, As You Like It. She has been involved in a home school group which studies Shakespear for the past year.  Chloe played the part of Adam, the elderly servant of one of the main characters.  Obviously from the photo below, its hard to make a pretty twelve year old girl look like an old man.  Chloe did a great job on her lines and hobbled and shuffled as well as any old man of my personal acquaintance.They put on a pretty good show and we had a great time.
Chloe Kang as Adam from As You Like It

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