Saturday, May 14, 2011

Boulder River Hike

   I took a nice hike today with my boy scouts.  The point of the hike was for the boys to fulfill a requirement to take a 5 mile hike using a map and compass. There are a lot of wonderful places to go hiking in Western Washington.  I chose the Boulder River hike because it is relatively low elevation (1,000 to 1,400 feet) so we wouldn't have to worry about hiking through the snow. I've done this one quite a few times. Linda and I did this hike while we were here on a househunting trip when we first moved back to Washington State from Texas.  I've been on several scout campouts at that location and even went camping there with my daughter Rachel and our dog Mozzie.  Anyhow, that particular hike has a lot of good memories.

This is our motley crew of boy scouts

   The sun did peek out briefly , but the weather was mostly overcast.  I felt pretty lucky that it didn't rain on us. When left the highway and started to drive up into a cloud filled valley towards the trailhead I was expecting some rain.  We were amply rewarded with some wonderful views of waterfalls and lots of spring wildflowers.  Below are pictures of Trillium and Salmonberry in bloom. 

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