Saturday, December 10, 2011

My First Attempt at Sushi

    As I was exploring Cash and Carry the other day I noticed they had the seaweed wrappers (sushinori) used in sushi and I was inspired to give it a try.  Fortunately, I had watched my daughter (Sarah) make California rolls once so I had somewhat of an idea. There were also concise instructions on the package of sushinori.  My first effort turned out very lame, but subsequent rolls were passable. I'm sure its obvious which plate is the first and which plate is the last.

    The biggest problem I had was getting the rice the right consistency.  The instructions started with rinsing the rice until the water wasn't cloudy.  I did that and then cooked it according to the instructions,  However, the rice turned out a bit dry and I had to microwave it with a bit of water to soften it up a bit.  I'm not sure where I erred in following the instructions but fortunately I was able to fix it. Alls well that ends well.

   I've been busy at work filtering beeswax and making candles.  I really enjoy making candles but I've about made enough to do me for another year.  I think I have enough dipped tapers to last us into April or May.  Lately I've been trying to crank out beeswax nativity sets. They look really nice, but a few of the figures are a challenge to get right.  I've poured a lot of Wyoming donkeys and cows as Quentin calls them. Those are ones missing part or all of their ears due to frostbite.  Its taken a bit of practice to learn how to get them out of the molds without breaking of part of an ear or two.

    Tomorrow marks my second full week serving in the bishopric.  The biggest lifestyle change has been the need to manage and schedule my time better.  The service is rewarding, but I'd rather serve somewhere that doesn't involve being in charge of so much stuff.  I really can't complain. They left me alone in Primary and scouts for about eight years.  I still get to participate in scouting now, just in a different capacity.


  1. Impressive, dad! The key to sushi is the rice. It has to be the short grain sticky rice for it to work right. Did you mix the rice with rice vinegar?
    btw: we love our nativity. It is pretty sweet!

  2. You're not supposed to be tasting the nativity set. No I didn't have rice vinegar. I did this somewhat on a whim and didn't check to see if we had any rice vinegar before I started. However, I don't think the dryness had anything to do with the type of vinegar I used. I did use short grain rice. Obviously I need some remedial sushi instruction. The results were not up to Chris' standards but was palatable.