Thursday, December 29, 2011

They Call Me By a Number Not a Name...

    This title come from an old Flatt and Scruggs bluegrass tune.  I once considered this tune to be my unofficial theme song as I was anxiously waiting to finish my seven year term of indentured servitude in the Air Force. "On this old rock pile...with a ball and chain..they call me by a number not a name.  When I've done my time.. when I've done my time...with an aching heart and a worried mind."

   My ducks are probably quietly quacking this song now as a new indignity has entered their lives.   I bought some numbered leg rings to put on the ducks and chickens to make it easier to tell them apart.  Popeye (the drake) is pretty easy to recognize due to his distinctive curly tail feathers (hen ducks don't get them) and the fact that he is significantly larger than the two hen ducks. However, Olive Oyle and Sweetpea look very much alike. Olive Oyle is only slightly larger than Sweetpea. Just in case Sweetpea catches up in her growth someday I thought the numbers would be helpful.  I also put them on my new chickens although there are only two which look a lot alike.  I have three Cuckoo Marans,  two of which have very similar plumage.  I also have two Americaunas but one is reddish brown while the other one is mainly white. However, I expect to add more chickens at some point so it will be nice to easily tell the older ones from the younger ones.

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