Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's Great to Have My Sweetie Home!

Linda's Triumphant Return
     We picked Linda and Rachel up from the airport on Monday.  It is so very nice to have her home again.  Sarah and Chris came up with all the kids and two of Rachel's friends so we had a full house. Unfortunately, Linda is having a difficult time adjusting back to Pacific Daylight Time.  Her body clock seems stuck somewhere between here and China. I, on the other hand, am already sleeping much better now that Linda is home. Its been a long sleep deprived 5 weeks while Linda was in China.
Linda coming up the escalator at SeaTac to her awaiting fans
Pike Place Market
   We stopped by the Pike Place Market in Seattle on our way to pick up Linda and Rachel.  The primary purpose of the stop was for the purchase of a a nice bouquet of tulips for Linda.  We also managed to pick up some donuts.  You can guess which picture below is a more accurate presentation of the actual size of the very large donut.  Fittingly, we also passed a street musician playing some sort of Chinese stringed instrument.

Ducks vs Chickens
    The challenge continues, but sadly only one side is participating so far.  The current tally is Ducks 88, Chickens 0.  We are accumulating a lot of duck eggs in the fridge.  I'm going to take another 18 over to the Veatchlings and give them another shot at incubating eggs.  In the meantime (as opposed to the "nicetime"?) we have lots of eggs for anyone who wants to try duck eggs.  Our ducks are not eating any fish so there is no fishy flavor or anything like that.  I like them as fried eggs, etc but Linda doesn't care for them claiming they taste different. My friend Quentin, who can be particularly persnickety when it comes to tastes and smells, actually prefers the duck eggs to chicken eggs. Any blog followers are welcome to a dozen duck eggs to try for themselves. The only catch is that you have to stop by to get them. I have no plans to send eggs in the mail any time soon.

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