Saturday, August 25, 2012

Another Day at the Fair

    I started the day making sour dough waffles. Britton and Lucy had a sleepover at our house with their visiting Kang cousin, Elise. I offered several options to the girls for breakfast and blueberry waffles were the consensus choice. Oddly enough, "gruel" (i.e. oatmeal) never wins those breakfast popularity contests.  I used the same recipe I've been using for sour dough pancakes with the exception of adding extra oil. Also I took a chance and made them regular milk rather than buttermilk. Apparently the sour dough starter is sufficiently acidic to make the baking soda work as the waffles turned out nicely.
The girls practice their synchronized sleeping by spelling the letter "L"

    I  then went with the Tunnell's this morning to see the Fair Days Parade in Monroe. The parade route passed within three blocks of their house so we just walked. As it turned out, the primary reason Britton and Lucy love parades is the fact that so much candy is passed out. It wasn't quite the sugar overload of halloween, but I'm sure there was still a significant post parade sugar buzz. After the parade, I met with Mike Veatch to collect Madelynn and Abby, and Cassie Parrot in order to take them to the fair. It actually felt a little odd to just be going to the fair with grandkids as opposed to spending a significant chunk of time at one of the bee booths.

   We went through most of the animal barns, watched a lumberjack show, and looked at every last booth that was selling cheap trinkets. Abby was determined to find something suitable to bring home for her little sister. Ultimately, she decided on saltwater taffy, a pretty safe choice in my opinion. We also sampled some fair food with "Purple Cows", fair scones, and curly fries. We also took a few of the necessary silly fair photos. I think the lumberjack show and the rabbits were the biggest hits with the girls.

Madelynn and Abby looking sheepish

The girls were obviously focusing more on farming than the picture

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