Wednesday, August 22, 2012

One More Reason I Enjoy Living in Snohomish

   I had to drive down to work early Tuesday morning in order to pick up a nuc box so I could make up a new queen bank. I was expecting to receive a shipment of 50 New World Carniolan queens later in the day and I needed to prepare a temporary home for them. As I was driving towards the bee store I noticed a hot air balloon that seemed pretty low on the  horizon. It seemed like it was getting lower and seemed relatively close by. I decided to overshoot the store to see if I could get a better look.  Unfortunately, this was as close as I could get. It looked a lot cooler in person than it does in the photo.
Hot air balloon coming in for a landing nearby
    I stayed up a little late Monday night and baked two blackberry pies.  The pies would have been finished earlier in the evening but I got involved in watching the Seattle Mariners add to their current win streak.  We had the missionaries coming for dinner Tuesday night so I wanted to have one pie for dessert and one pie to send home with the missionaries. I used the Emeril pie crust recipe and used my lower protein biscuit flour. I was very happy with the pies and in particular thought the crust turned out pretty well.  Linda made lemon poached salmon, easily my favorite way to eat salmon, and some wonderful zucchini-potato pancakes. I think we should have the missionaries for dinner more often.  It was a good locavore meal with the blackberries having been picked within 100 yards of the house and the salmon having been caught in the Snohomish River.
A matched Set of Blackberry Pies

   On the garden front my Korean pears with Japanese names are starting to ripen. I'm hoping to be able to send some down to the Kang children who were my original inspiration to plant an Asian pear tree. I'm not a big pear fan, but I do like the Asian pears better than the European pears.
Chojuru Korean Pears


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