Monday, September 24, 2012

Surreal Moment at the Bee Store

   This little anecdote is for the benefit of all those who are familiar with the LDS inspirational speaker/humourist named John Bytheway.  So I'm working at the bee store last week and I am helping a customer who is asking me some beekeeping questions. At some point in the conversation he decides to introduce himself to me and says,"I'm John, by the way.." As it turns out his last name was not really Bytheway.

    I had a pretty nice day today. I had to drive down to Kent in order to pick up 5 gallon and one gallon plastic buckets for the bee store. Its been a good honey year so container sales are up.  Linda was feeling good and decided to accompany me. That made the whole day a lot more fun and much less like work. My old beater cargo van isn't much to look at so I'm glad Linda isn't too proud to be seen in it. We spent most of the drive to  Kent making plans for this coming summer's cousin camp.

    We have decided on an Hawaiian theme but we haven't nailed down the location.  That means whatever tune we use this time for the Cousin Camp song will be something suitable to accompany with an ukulele. We've even found someone who can give some of the local cousins hula lessons. It also means we get to plan a luau, and have cool cousin camp uniform options (Hawaiian shirts and straw hats).  I'm seeing a lot of up sides to this particular theme choice. We'll have 21 kids there next year so it will not be possible to transport them anywhere for activities.  We need to find a site where we can do everything we want to do right there at the one location.

     Kent, Washington has a rather large industrial warehouse area. It seems that whatever you want to buy, someone is selling it out of a warehouse somewhere in Kent. After I loaded up on buckets and a few other things. we stopped by IKEA for lunch.  All in all, it was a pretty cheap date, but a good time.

    While I am on the subject of the surreal, I just finished watching a weird Monday Night Football game.  The Seahawks beat the Packers 14 to 12 with some very strange officiating calls throughout the game by the replacement referees. I have sympathy for Packer fans as I know how I felt when the Seahawks were treated unfairly by the officials in their one Super Bowl appearance.


  1. I have a couple of outgrown Hawaiian dresses I can contribute...for a couple of the littler (7/8-ish) cousins. Think that will cause a fight?

  2. I think we should use them as a pattern and start cranking out Hawaiian dresses for all of the girls. Surely it can't be that tough to find a pattern for a mumu.