Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Knitted Beehive Hat

   I finished the beehive hat I started after the Beekeepers Convention. It was pretty easy and would have been even easier if I hadn't lost the directions on how to do the decrease.  It only required beginner knitting skills, cast on, knit, purl, and knit 2 together.  The hat is knitted in the round and the pattern is just three rows of knit followed by four rows of purl. It holds the beehive shape even when its not being worn. Linda was a bit skeptical when I first told her I was knitting a beehive hat.  However, it grew on her and she ultimately declared it to be very cute.
Knitted Beehive Hat. All it needs now is some carefully placed honeybee buttons.

    Business has slowed down at the store. While I always welcome business it is nice to be able to catch  my breath and get caught up on a lengthy "To Do" list.  I bottled honey this morning,  then cleaned out old frames while I filtered beeswax in the afternoon. Last night I made some cut comb honey before I left work.  I usually buy comb honey from a local beekeeper, but there wasn't much available this year.  Hopefully the cut comb I did will tide over those customers who just have to have their comb honey.
Quentin, my trusty employee, is off hunting in Wyoming so I'm working 5 days a week for most of October. I guess I've grown accustomed to my usual three day work week which allows more time puttering in the garden.

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