Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hula at the Ward Talent Show

    The local grand daughters performed some hula dances at the Snohomish Ward Talent Show last night.  They performed the Hukilau, Pupu Hinuhinu, and did some free form hula while I played and sang the Hawaiian War Chant. It turned out pretty well. We had four different videos going. So far, I've only seen Grandma Cozy's video. I'm sure some of them will be popping up on facebook soon. Now that they've performed in front an audience of 100 or more the girls shouldn't have any issues with the smaller audience at our Cousin Camp Luau. We did have some minor problems with a "heckler" as Grandma Cozy called him. John kept wandering onto and off of the dance floor during the girls' performance.  John was wearing a hawaiian shirt, lei, and hula skirt so he looked like he might have been part of the number.
Freeform Hula to the Hawaiian War Chant

     The Ukulele must be undergoing a serious comeback in popularity. Amazingly we were the third act to feature an ukulele. However, we were the only Hawaiian act with an ukulele. There were two singing numbers with ukulele accompanists. Other acts included a pianist, a flutist, and the   "Shoulder Angel" skit performed by the Priests. Marshal Peterson was every bit as funny as the shoulder angel as was the actor on "Studio C".

Enthusiastic performers waiting to go on stage

    There were lots of other talents on display. Many people brought things they had made. Brian Collins works at a bike shop and brought a number of sculptures he had made from bent bicycle spokes. Grandma Cozy brought down some of her famous crocheted dolls as part of that display. Many people had also brought wonderful baked goodies and of course, there were root beer floats.  I brought Heavenly Hazelnut Pie while there were also strawberry cheesecake, chocolate dipped strawberries, Brazilian Mousse, various types of cookies, and a Black Forest Apple Strudel Cake. It took a lot of discipline to save room for root beer floats, with so many wonderful goodies available. Conner particularly enjoyed the goodies as he went around the room helping himself to anything that anyone left unattended on a chair seat.

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