Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Du Khu Bee Restaurant in Beaverton, Oregon

     I don't recall that I've ever done a restaurant review in my blog, but now seems a good time to start.  On Tuesday evening, Chris, my son-in-law, took Chloe and me to a Korean restaurant in Beaverton.  I would have loved this restaurant even if it didn't have "Bee" in it's name. The specialty of the Du Khu Bee is pulled buckwheat noodles that are made fresh while you watch. It was really quite fun to watch and the results were very tasty. I took so many photos that Chris accused me of looking like a Japanese Tourist. (Is that an ethnic slur?). I took a video of the noodle puller but I wasn't able to get it uploaded onto the blog. You'll have to go in person to the Du Khu Bee if you want to see the noodles pulled. They also make their dumplings fresh on the premises.

Squid Noodles on a bed of shredded cabbage, stir fried in a wok
Korean Dumplings and Pickled Daikon Radish
Red Kimchee

The guy with outstreached arms is the noodle puller.

    There were so many interesting dishes from which to choose. I finally settled on the squid noodles. Chris ordered the dumplings as an appetizer while I think the kimchee and pickled radish came with the meal. The freshly made dumplings were so much better than any I'd  had before.  I was not optimistic that I would like the pickled radish as I am not a big fan of fresh radishes. I was pleasantly surprised and will give serious consideration in the future to growing daikon radishes in my vegetable garden. The radishes tasted like they had been freshly cut up and placed in a marinade of sweetened rice vinegar. I was very pleased with the squid noodles, but I knew I liked squid so that was not a surprise. Chris ordered black bean noodles.  Sarah had mentioned them previously and said they don't look very appetizing but are really quite tasty. Chris stated that black bean noodles are one of those simple Korean dishes for which he occasionally gets a craving. Korean comfort food.  I will try the black bean noodles on my next visit, assuming I'm not seduced by some other item on the menu.

    The Du Khu Bee is fairly small. Chris had warned me that it might be very crowded, sometimes with lengthy waits for a table.  That is probably true for weekends, but we came on a Tuesday night so we had no problem getting seated. The waiter was friendly and helpful and we had a wonderful view of the kitchen staff preparing our food. They do a significant amount of takeout business. That means I now have a way to butter up my Korean son-in-law that doesn't involve digging clams.  Not that I don't enjoy digging clams. Its just that the tides aren't always convenient for clam digging. The Du Kuh Bee Restaurant is located at 12590 S.W. First Street, Beaverton, Oregon.

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