Saturday, June 15, 2013

Split Rail Fence

  I've almost finished phase one of the split rail fence around the front yard. I have to admit that it was so much easier to buy the rails at the Snohomish Co-op than it was to split them myself. Besides, Linda was growing impatient and I didn't have a ready source of hollow cedar trunks I could split into rails and posts. It was, however, a serious source of satisfaction when I split my own rails. One of the big advantages that I see to a split rail fence is the fact that it doesn't have to be perfect in order to look nice.  Since the rails and posts aren't very uniform, the fence doesn't have to be perfectly straight. In fact that variation in the materials give the fence a sort of rustic charm.
The split rail fence Linda required as part of the front yard vegetable garden

    I transplanted red cabbage, brussel sprouts, and leeks into my garden on the north side of the house. They should have been transplanted weeks ago, but I've been very busy with other things. Hopefully they will still do well. That part of the garden doesn't get as much sun as it used to due in part to the growth of a mislabeled cherry tree.  I purchased the tree from Home Depot, labeled as a Montmorency Pie Cherry. It turned out to be a sweet cherry, so it grew bigger than I had anticipated.
Check out those curls!

Linda and I attended an Irish dance performance tonight. Our grand daughter, Britton Tunnell, just started learning Irish dance five months ago. I was very impressed with how much she had learned in such a short time. She only performed in one number, but she actually had a little solo.  Her mother did a great job curling her hair. Linda asked Beth the secret to the cute curls. The answer was lots of curlers, hair gel, and hair spray.

The kitten climbed into the grape arbor by himself but needed help getting down

    We have homes for all but one of our kittens. The male tabby with the green eyes in the photo above is still available. Linda had told me that she was going to put him on Craig's List , but seemed to be dragging her feet. When I asked her about it she suggested maybe we might want to keep one of them . Seeing the handwriting on the wall, I posted him on Craig's List yesterday. If we had kept him I would have had to get him a collar that read, "I still live with my mother."

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  1. Ah, that brings back memories. Oh, I would love to see Britton dance! So cute.