Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wild Visitors to Our Garden

Peter Cottontail visits Grandpa's blueberry patch. Hopefully he was weeding.

   Our garden has been attracting a few visitors lately.  A few days ago I spotted a little cottontail rabbit under my blueberry bushes. I'm not sure exactly what he was munching on but I was very happy to see him run back to the neighbors. When it comes to the tale of Peter Cottontail I am definitely rooting for Mr. McGregor.

Wild Mallard hen visiting the chicken pen

     Several times in the last week I've seen a wild mallard hen hanging around our duck pen. The first time she had actually landed in the chicken pen which isn't covered on the top.  She was showing a lot of interest in Popeye, our India Runner drake, which he was reciprocating.  Several days later she showed up a second time, this time hanging around outside the duck pen making goo goo eyes at Popeye.  I decided to let the ducks out just to see what would happen. It didn't go well.  Popeye, not being familiar with Mallard courtship rituals, behaved too aggressively for the wild mallard hen. She flew off and hasn't been seen since.  Its just as well. She would never have been happy living in a pen. On the other hand, Popeye, being unable to fly, wouldn't have lasted very long in her world.

A trunk full of pink flamingos. Someone is obviously up to no good.

      I was helping a customer carry bee supplies out to his car last week. When he opened the trunk I saw this strange sight.  A trunk full of pink flamingos.  Apparently his son is using them in some extortion racket to raise money for a church mission.  He plants a flamingo in someone's yard and then requests a donation in order to remove it.  I personally think there are better ways to earn money for a worthy cause.

A strange looking flower?

    I found this rather strange looking plant a few weeks ago. I thought it looked like a plant you would find in a Dr. Seuss book.  Any guesses as to the name of the plant?  I'll bake a pie for the person who submits the first correct guess.  The only conditions are you either have to be local (a resident of Snohomish County, Washington),  or you  have to come to my house to collect your pie.  Pies obviously don't ship very well.


  1. I would guess an old allium.

  2. A good guess based on the appearance, but it is not in the allium family.

  3. Echinacea? I'm just going to keep guessing hahaha

  4. No one managed to guess the mystery plant, which was a common dandelion. I think some creature like a squirrel or rabbit much have been browsing on the tips of the dandelion seed heads prior to their opening. Thus when the seed heads opened up, all of the normal fluffy stuff was gone. I can't imagine anything could eat away the fluff after they opened and still leave the seed head intact. I found quite a few of these denuded seed heads in my orchard one morning.