Thursday, June 7, 2012

Access Road Update

View of new road looking west

The blueberry bushes escape the construction destruction
    Work finally started on the access road on Tuesday morning.  They moved the big pile of the mulched up remains of the large cedar tree.  It only took a couple of bucket loads of the big scoop loader to move it out of their way over to a new pile by the other large cedar tree.  Now I will really be under the gun to get it all moved and distributed as it is currently impedes the use of the little swing there. I would have enjoyed watching the heavy equipment at work, but I had to work at the bee store Tuesday and Wednesday. You will note the blueberry bushes were just south of the roadway. I'm glad I only had to transplant onions and potatoes,  Transplanting 14 mature blueberry bushes would have been a serious ordeal and it would have set the plants back severely.
   I walked two miles this morning.  I'm trying to get into good shape for Trek.  I've not been very consistent in my first week of walking, as I'm only up to a total of 6 miles so far.  I've set a goal to walk 100 miles by the end of June. Progress on that goal will be much faster once I am going farther than two miles each day.  I'm sure I'll have encouragement to walk while visiting the Kangs this weekend.

    I tried another variation on my biscuit recipe.  We fried some bacon for some wonderful bacon, lettuce, tomato, and avocado on toasted wheat bread sandwiches.  I poured the bacon grease through a paper towel and saved it for my next batch of biscuits. I didn't pour it into the dry ingredients while liquid (Grandma Cozette's method) as I wanted to test one variation at a time. I cut in the bacon grease using a pastry cutter.  Also the bacon grease was room temperature as opposed to chilled. The biscuits were wonderful, but not any more wonderful than the ones made with butter.  Possibly they were a smudge less flakey because of the fact that the bacon grease wasn't cold.  I couldn't really tell without a side by side comparison and I can't really afford to make two batches of biscuits for side by side comparisons unless I have a lot of biscuit guinea pigs visiting to eat them all. The bacon grease added flavor, but yet the biscuits didn't taste like bacon. Not that it would be a bad thing to have bacon flavored biscuits.  I took the extra biscuits to work and let the neighbors try them. I took some to the guys at the electric motor repair place to the north and one to the ice cream business to the south.

    Breaking news on the vegetable garden.  My Rockwell and Yin Tang dry beans both started to poke out of the soil yesterday.  One day there was nothing showing and the next about half of the beans were up.   I think in western Washington it really speeds up the process with any kind of bean if they are pre-germinated as they germinate best if the soil is about 60 degrees. We are currently lucky to see 60 degrees as a daytime high. I'm sure our soil temperatures are still a little cooler than that.

Newly emerged Rockwell dry beans

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