Friday, June 29, 2012

Deception Pass

The view looking west from Deception Pass Bridge

A view of the North Beach from the Deception Pass Bridge

This is the view from the North Beach looking back at the Deception Pass Bridge

From left to right, Abby, Nancy, and Jessica holding Abram
   I got to visit Deception Pass yesterday, one of my favorite places in Western Washington.  I went as a sort of tour guide for Nancy Sweet, her daughter, Jessica, along with Jessica's husband, Gary, and their  three kids. I had great time.  We arrived at low tide so we were able to enjoy the tide pools, and collect a lot of wonderful rocks.  If I had picked up any more agates it would have hurt our gas milage on the trip home.

   I had so much fun that I forgot to take very many pictures. The above photos are from the few I took with my iPhone. Fortunately, Gary took a lot of pictures (almost 300) with their SLR digital camera.  They were very nice to let me download them onto my computer,  The trip finished with a short ferry ride from Clinton to Mukilteo. The kids were very excited to get to ride on a boat and of course the view from the ferry was breathtaking. We ended the evening with a hot dog roast at our house with all of the local grandkids attending. The two Abbys hit it off so well it didn't seem like they had just met.  It truly was a wonderful day.
Linda instructing in proper s'mores technique

Everybody loves sitting around a campfire
Abby and Abby

    I took advantage of the presence of Nancy and her family to use them as biscuit guinea pigs. I made biscuits for breakfast Tuesday morning using my favorite recipe (thus far). Nancy told me they were the best biscuits she had ever had in her life.  Since she has lived all of her life in the South I consider that to be very high praise.

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