Tuesday, February 28, 2012

.Grand Opening of "Goat Land"

"Goat Land" East Entrance
    We held the official grand opening of "Goat Land" today.  The attendance at the grand opening was five.  That total included myself, Black Jack, Buster, Mr. Buttercup, and Little Miss Buzzsaw.  While you wouldn't know it from the pictures, the goats have actually shown a lot of interest in the recreational rock pile I have dubbed "Goat Land".  However, when I was taking the photos the goats were busy indulging their appetites at the concession stand so they don't appear in the "Goat Land" photos.
"Goat Land" South Entrance
Mr. Buttercup inspects the North Entrance of "Goat Land"

State of the Art Goat Restroom Facilities

Buster and Black Jack enjoying the concession stand.
Concrete Pad Removal Completed
    This was a pretty handy way to dispose of the remains of the concrete pad I demolished one week ago.  The goats were unanimous in their support of the project.  They are always in favor of larger rock piles.

  I have reached the sad conclusion that I have not just one rooster, but two. Beth was right.  The red Americauna is also a rooster.  This is going to put a lot of pressure on the remaining three hens as they fall further and further behind the ducks.  The current tally is Ducks 42, Chickens 0.

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  1. Goat Land looks like fun! You should eat one of those roosters. Yum!