Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pilchuck River Flood

Looking south from Three Lakes Road 

Looking north from Three Lakes Road

    The Pilchuck River flood turned out to be a record setter.  In the past, just the east bank had flooded. This time they had flooding on both banks of the river.  Quentin and Sarah had four feet of water in the lower level of their house.  I was unable to take pictures of their house when the water was highest. Their road was under water so I couldn't drive by the house.  I did take some photos of the river from the bridge on Three Lakes Road.  I don't know how much flooding took place upstream but I know there was a lot of flooding south of this bridge.  The tidal flow causes the Snohomish River to rise and fall several miles past the city of Snohomish, which is where the Pilchuck flows into the Snohomish River.  The maximum water flow in the Pilchuck river coincided with the high tide in the Snohomish River.  There was no place for all this water to go as the Snohomish river was already at flood stage.

      There was one flood related call for the fire department today. Someone drove their pickup truck into the Pilchuck River.  The truck was reported to be floating downstream towards Snohomish.  I never heard exactly how it turned out. I can only assume that the occupants of the truck made it out okay as there was no page for a chaplain to come to the scene. Fortunately, the rain stopped today and the flood waters receded fairly quickly.  I feel very sorry for Quentin and Sarah. Flood cleanup is a pretty nasty job.

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  1. I had no idea it was flooding over there! (although I should have assumed) I'm so sorry for Quentin and Sarah, what a crap place to have to live. I'm glad to be in a flood-free zone here! Although, we do get water streaming into our basement every time the parking lot next to us floods...