Thursday, February 23, 2012

Deck Update

     I made some progress on the new deck this week.  On Monday I rented an electric jack hammer that made short work of the old concrete pad from the old front deck.  Since the new deck will be shaped differently than the old deck, the pad didn't fit in with the new plan.  I rented the jack hammer on a four hour rental and was able to return it just two hours after I picked it up. I used it a total of one hour, the rest of the time I was resting up between uses. If I had to use a jack hammer for an entire day I would be pretty beat up by the end of the day. Now I just have to haul all of the chunks of concrete into the goat pen to add to some of their recreational rock piles.  The goats enjoy climbing on the rock piles and it helps wear down their hooves so I don't need to trim them quite as often.
The old concrete pad reduced to manageable pieces
        On the poultry front, the ducks are still laying like crazy while the chickens have yet to produce one egg.  The score as of this morning is Ducks 30, Chickens 0.  Maybe the chickens would feel a little more pressure from the competition if I had a scoreboard that was visible from the poultry pens.


  1. Jackhammers...they're so loud.

    Tell the ducks I said, "Good Job!!"

  2. Wow the ducks are doing a good job! My chickens stopped laying one day after the light went out in their coop. I now can attribute ALL of their egg laying to that light. BUMMER. The deck is going to be great! I can't believe all the work you're putting into it.