Monday, July 23, 2012

Double Yolker and Plum Wonderful

Normal egg on the left, double yolked egg on the right
   Britton's pet chicken Rose gave us a double yolked egg this morning. Rose is a Rhode Island Red and thus lays light brown eggs.  The other hen who is currently laying is a Dominique and lays dark brown eggs with little speckles. When our Ameracauna hens start to lay we will get green or blue eggs from them. Its kind of fun to know which eggs come from which chickens.
Shiro Plums almost ripe

Santa Rosa plum still hard and green

Obilnaya plums starting to change color
    Our raspberries are peaking and the plums are starting to ripen. The Shiro plums are just starting to turn yellow and the Obilnaya plums will be ripe soon after the Shiro plums.  The Santa Rosa plums will be several weeks behind the others. I love eating plums fresh but I don't much care for them canned. I'm thinking we will be making plum jam when we get more than we can eat fresh.

    I spent Monday morning weeding our blueberries and getting them back into good shape. After my sweet family had worked so hard earlier in the year to weed them out I couldn't stand to have them looking seedy again. It had rained during the night and most of the day was overcast.  The moist ground made the weeding easier and besides, the lawns didn't dry out enough for me to start mowing until mid afternoon.  I went over and visited the Tunnells in Monroe in the evening. The original purpose of my visit was to retrieve my orchard ladder.  I ended up staying for family home evening. It brought back memories of Linda and I struggling with family night when we had small children. Britton, Lucy, and John were all quite wiggly.  Beth gave a nice lesson on the importance of the Temple, we played a rousing game of "Duck Duck Goose", and had banana boats for treats. A good time was had by all.  It makes me happy to see my children being diligent in teaching their children the gospel. John is still my good buddy. He sat on my lap for a bit and had me read him one of his favorite books.

    On Tuesday morning I'm going with Beth and the little Bedlamites to pick raspberries at a friend's upick farm. Yet another wonderful bee store contact. I'd like to get enough raspberries to do at least a couple batches of jam.  Raspberry is my favorite jam and we are currently out. I've frozen some raspberries from our little patch but I haven't accumulated near enough to make as much raspberry jam as I would like to have.

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