Friday, July 27, 2012

The "Joy" of Cat Ownership

    When I got up this morning I was first greeted by a pile of cat throw up on the carpet.  After I cleaned that mess up I let Mr. Buttercup outside and failed to close the door.  A short time later he brought a live bird into the house.  I'm not sure what kind of bird it was. It looked like a young bird that wasn't yet able to fly, but it was pretty good sized. Possibly it was a young robin.  The cats were taking turns playing with it as it fluttered all through the hallway and living room. I finally managed to get the bird away from the cats and back outside.  I wasn't optimistic that it would survive. I just didn't want any more feathers strewn all over the house than we already had.
Mr. Buttercup's handiwork
    Later in the morning as I was preparing a garden bed, the cats were both trying to use the freshly raked soil as a litter box.   As I fed and watered the young ducks and chicken Mr. Buttercup was stalking them.  Obviously, he hadn't reached his full quota of small helpless creatures killed.
Tired cats relax after a hard day's mischief
     I pulled up the last of my onions yesterday.  It looked like they had transplanted well when I had initially moved them. Now it is obvious that it was too late. Very few of them made a useable sized bulb.  I weeded out the beds and replanted them with this morning with beets. I'm trying an open pollinated heirloom variety called "Bull's Blood".  We'll see how it turns out. I'd like to grow enough beets to do pickled beets and a few batches of borscht.

   Linda left this morning to drive to the Tri-Cities in order to attend the 50th wedding anniversary celebration of her aunt Ann and uncle Dave. That means I have no adult supervision over the weekend.  



  1. Sadly, I was too busy to party. I did manage to dry some pie cherries and made a lame attempt at changing the plugs in the beater cargo van. I also watched a Mariners game and started a new tam hat. I guess for me that constitutes a party weekend.