Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rowboat, grand children, and Blackman's Lake

   I spent a lovely day with grandkids today.  I started the day out by making biscuits for breakfast at Hannah's request.  Linda and I then took our little rowboat to Blackman's Lake and paddled around bit with Lance, Luna, and Hannah.  We were a bit heavily laden with two adults and three kids, but we still had a good six inches of clearance to the waterline. Besides, we all had on life jackets and the lake isn't all that big. I'm happy to report that the rowboat is watertight and generally seaworthy or more appropriately, "Lakeworthy".  The boat could use a new gelcoat finish and the wood trim needs replacing.  I spent some time repairing one of the seats prior to our little excursion so its now almost a functional rowboat.  The kids had a great time. They were able to move the boat easily with the paddles. They just had a hard time getting the boat to go in some direction other than a circle. I was reminded of that old expression that someone doesn't have "both oars in the water".
First Mate Linda

Able Seaman Luna working on her paddling skills

Water lilies at Blackman's Lake

Lance going solo "sort of"

Able Seaman Hannah

Lance and Luna at the landing

    The one thing our little boat still lacks is a set of oars and oarlocks. I looked on craigslist today and found what I was looking for but it was in Enumclaw.  The seller wanted $50.00 and the oars looked like they might be intended for a larger vessel than our little rowboat.  One more thing about the boat.  I can still read the original name of the rowboat in spite of the fact that it has been painted over.  I don't care to use the boat's original name, "Dalliance", and am open for suggestions as to a more appropriate name.

    After our return home I went out with the missionaries briefly. Then I babysat grandkids for the rest of the afternoon while Linda delivered Nancy Sweet's suitcase to the airport.  I took advantage of Linda's temporary absence to bake three pies, two cherry and one pumpkin. I used some of the pie cherries that Beth had given me on Monday. The rest of the pie cherries are in the dehydrator. I have to admit that the lower protein flour I've been using for biscuits also makes pretty good pie crust.  The crust is much more tender than it was when I used all-purpose flour in my pie crusts.

      It was obvious that I hadn't eaten dinner before my trip to the library. I came home with four cookbooks.  One on pies, the chicken cookbook, a bread cookbook, and a book full of jam recipes.
Somewhat out of focus, but still a pretty cherry pie

Luna endorsed the pumpkin pie as "very good"

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  1. That was a lovely post! I adore all of your lake pictures...esp the water lillies! I'll discuss your boat name with the general Romero populace and then get back to you with our ideas. ...and quit making me want pie so dang bad!