Friday, July 20, 2012

Hay for the Goats

    I picked up a van load of local grass hay for my goats yesterday. It was a very good price in that I was able to arrange a swap with one of my bee store customers. I did a little honeybee consult and helped her look through her beehives. Then I arranged to swap hay for a new honey super and frames for her hive.  In addition to honeybees, grass fed beef, hay, horses, and a midwife business, this lady also has an acre of organic raspberries that she sells  upick and at the local farmers market. I don't know what she does with her surplus raspberries. Raspberries are so perishable that I'm sure there are occasions when she probably has more than she can sell or use herself at the moment.  If anyone is interested in raspberries I will see what I can work out with her.

    The old beater cargo van is so very handy for stuff like this.  I moved four bales over to our little archery range so the backstop is a little higher now. Hopefully that will translate to more time shooting and less time looking for lost arrows.  In the mean time, the other four bales are safe and dry in the van until I get them moved into the goat barn. That was very convenient since it rained last night. The van sometimes serves as a barn annex. I have to admit that I rather like it when the van smells like a hay barn.

   Linda is taking Lance, Luna, and Hannah back south today and is meeting Sarah at Rainbow Falls.  At times like this  I do wish I was retired for real. Jobs can be so inconvenient to our lifestyles.

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  1. I want to be friends with your friends. They sound awesome.