Saturday, January 26, 2013

Choir Concert

     Linda and I attended Britton's choir concert last night with the Tunnells.  It was a much bigger deal than I had expected as the program included a total of 27 broadway show tunes. The concert lasted almost two hours. One reason it was so long was the fact that there were actually about 5 separate choirs, plus some combined numbers. I tried taking photos but we were seated too far away for good pictures.  I did have a good view of Britton's enthusiastic little face singing her heart out.  I just wasn't able to convert that into a recognizable photo.  Some of the songs that Britton's Elementary Choir sang included "I've Got the Sun in the Morning" from Annie Get Your Gun and "Be Our Guest" from Beauty and the Beast.

    Several things impress me about Britton's singing.  First of all her face is very expressive and it is really easy to tell she is enjoying herself as she sings.  Also she has pretty good volume for one so small.  In a somewhat smaller group and with quieter accompanists I'm confident we would have been able to pick out her voice.

    In addition to the entertainment from the choir, we were also treated to John's and Lucy's company. They were both quite good considering the length of the concert. John's enthusiasm for the event led to some loud vocalization (he hasn't fully mastered the concept of the whisper)  and he was inspired to direct one choir number from his mother's lap. During the concert Linda took Lucy out to visit the ladies room. John became quite concerned about Grandma Linda's absence and decided he should lead a search party. I was finally able to dissuade him by telling him that they wouldn't let him into the girls' bathroom to look for her.

   I have to make this short as I'm leaving soon to drive with Linda to attend the Country Living Expo in Stanwood.  In addition to teaching two classes about mason bees I get to attend a class on building cob ovens, a free prime rib lunch, and quality time with my sweetie.  Life is good.

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