Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dedicated Bird Watcher

  With the recent cold weather we've had an increase in traffic at the bird feeder.  Consequently, Little Miss Buzz Saw also has an increased interest in the bird feeder.  She will sit on the kitchen ledge for hours watching the little birds come and go. I believe Sofie is no longer our most dedicated bird watcher.
So close but so far away.

Linda's Avian Soup Kitchen

    I use my orchard ladder to access the feeder to refill it.  If I don't move the orchard ladder away from the feeder right after I'm done, the cats like to sit on the top of the ladder.  Their hope springs eternal that some little bird will be stupid enough to come to the feeder with a cat sitting two feet away.  Fortunately the birds are smart enough to know the difference between a nearby cat on a ladder and a nearby cat behind the kitchen window.

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