Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sledding Near Silverton

Camera shy Linda sliding down the hill with Lucy.
    We had a wonderful visit with Sarah and the girls last week.  Among other fun activities we drove out on the Mountain Loop Highway past Granite Falls and went sledding. We had Sarah and the Kang girls, including their exchange student, Han Gyeol, Beth and the little Bedlamites, and Linda and me. The original plan was to go to Leavenworth but the weather over the pass seemed a little daunting.  The Mountain Loop Highway was a closer easier alternative. We drove to where they close the road approaching Barlow Pass. That is where there is a junction with a road going up to Lake Kelcema.  There was lots of snow on that road with just enough of a grade to be fun without being too scary.

Britton and Elise starting their run

Rachel and Lilly
       "Too scary" is definitely in the eye of the beholder. By three year old John's definition it was all too scary. On the other hand, his sister Britton is quite the little daredevil and probably would have enjoyed a faster steeper sledding hill.  There were enough sledders who had preceded us such that there were well established ruts that kept us mostly on track. This minimized the occasions when sledders left the road bed and went over the road embankment.
Han Gyeol on her saucer

Grandma Linda and Lucy getting back on track
     Grandma Linda brought hot chocolate to go with the snacks Beth and Sarah had prepared. Excluding John I would say a fun time was had by all, A hearty thank you goes out to the Proffit and Miller families who lent us various items of snow wear and some of the sleds.

Even during an action shot Autumn manages to avoid looking at the camera.

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