Friday, January 25, 2013

Hula Lessons

   Linda and I attended our first hula lesson Thursday evening.  We aren't taking the lessons, but a kind friend is giving hula lessons to a number of our grand daughters in preparation for our bi-annual cousin camp this coming July. Our friend, Ann Tom, grew up in Hawaii and started learning the hula when she was a very little girl.  It was very obvious that she knows her stuff when it comes to the hula. I was amazed at just how complex it is.  There are so many little things that all have to happen at the same time. Yet the hula dancer remains the epitome of grace.
Lucy and Natalie get in touch with their inner hula dancer

    I served as the accompanist for the first portion of the lesson.  Obviously, I am going to have to toughen up my fingers for cousin camp. After about ten minutes my finger tips were getting sore. On the positive side, I knew how to play the three chords Ann asked me to play.  I was able to strum along while she started the older girls on some hula basics.  I have a new song I need to learn so I can accompany the dancers. The song is called "Kananaka" and tells the story of girls collecting seaweed in the surf.  The version we are using is sung by Amy Gilliom on an album entitled "Pu'uhonua", for those who want to download the music.  Ann was very patient with the girls and I think they all had a great time. As Linda put it, "What girl doesn't want to learn the hula?"

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